About High Probability Selling and About Jacques Werth

What Is High Probability Selling?

About the Company, High Probability, Inc.

High Probability, Inc. was is a leading sales process development firm with a 25-year track record of researching, designing and improving sales processes.  The typical result of its work, regardless of the complexity of products, services or sales cycles, is a simple linear sales process that significantly improves closing rates.  - Werth

Notes from Ingalls:

  • The company, High Probability, Inc. is now closed.
  • A new organization, High Probability Consulting, is now offering HPS training, materials, and consulting services. (see new)

About the Sales Process, Prospecting and Selling

The High Probability Selling Process is based upon extensive research of the top 312 performers across 23 industries.  They were an elite group, part of the top 1% in their respective industries, who typically out-produced the top 20 percent in their industry by a factor of 3 or 4.  Werth and his team went out on sales calls with top performers, observing and recording everything they did.  Their discovery?  These sales stars had intuitively created a totally new sales paradigm.  They didn’t realize that they were different, but Jacques Werth did.  He collected the data, analyzed it, and put it together in this simple yet powerful sales training program: High Probability Selling.  - Werth

If you want to learn more about the High Probability Selling Process, there are articles on this website and articles on the HPS blog, and then there is The Book.

If you want to learn how to do High Probability Selling, please visit our Training webpage.

Note:  This process does not work for everyone, and it does not work in every organization.  Also, it takes hard work to learn it and to get good at doing it.  We disqualify those we believe are not likely to benefit from learning and doing High Probability Selling.  - Ingalls

About Jacques Werth, the Man Behind “High Probability Selling”

photo of Jacques Werth

Jacques Werth, the President and founder of High Probability Selling, is a lucky man:  He discovered his passion for selling early in life, and has enjoyed success in his chosen profession for over 40 years. - Werth

After four decades in the “sales game,” Jacques has earned, and deserves, a comfortable retirement.  But he continues to develop High Probability Selling, because Jacques truly believes that he can change people’s lives.  Consider him a man with a mission:  To revolutionize the sales process through his system of “radically honest selling.”  High Probability Selling is based on the deceptively simple concept that people buy from people they trust and respect.  - Werth

Note:  Jacques Werth is now retired.  (see changes)  - Ingalls

About the Book, “High Probability Selling” by Jacques Werth and Nicholas Ruben

image of the front cover of the book

This book tells the story of a salesperson learning High Probability Selling on the job.  It is a good illustration of what the process looks like, and can help the reader decide whether they want to learn more, or not.

If you want to learn how to do High Probability Selling, reading the book is the best way to begin.  Keep reading it again and again.  If you want more, contact us.

The book can be purchased in these formats:  paperback, audio CD, Kindle, PDF, and audio MP3. 

There are some very positive reviews on Amazon, and some very supportive testimonials from the front of the book.

Parts of the book can be read online.  (see The Book)

About the High Probability Selling Blog

The HPS Blog contains a lot of information about High Probability Selling, and especially the blog posts that are designated as Articles (category = articles).  It is a good place to learn more about the details of the process and about the history and thinking behind it, before you decide to buy anything.

If you want to receive copies of new blog posts by email, you may either Subscribe to the blog, or you may Follow it, but neither is required if you just want to read the posts online.

Some links:
   more info about the blog
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A Way of Thinking About Selling

Thinking about High Probability Selling starts with what we mean by “selling” - and what its purpose is.

For most people, “selling” is about getting someone to buy.  The thinking is all about how to influence a potential customer.  The focus is on talking.

For us, “selling” is about finding someone who wants what we are selling, for their own reasons, and who is likely to buy now.  The thinking is all about finding out what a potential customer wants (and why), and discovering how likely a successful transaction will occur.  The focus is on listening.

When you change the meaning and purpose of selling, it changes everything you think and know about how to sell.  - Ingalls

A Way of Interacting With People

With High Probability Selling, interacting with people means listening to them a lot more, and not trying to change them.

This kind of listening is focused and active (not at all passive).  We ask questions in a very special way.

Interacting with people this way can change you.  It can change how you feel about people in your life, and how you feel about yourself.  - Ingalls

This Website

We are keeping the name “High Probability Selling” for this website (but not for the new organization). 

We are updating this website with a new look and new content.  The new content describes new things we are doing.  The new content also reflects a new marketing approach.  We welcome feedback from our readers.

There are several hundred webpages on the old version of the website, and many of them contain valuable information.  You may encounter both old and new content on this website during the transition.  If this is confusing, we apologize.

You may use the search box below to search this website.

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