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The High Probability Selling Blog contains Articles about selling, and Announcements about what we offer. 

The Articles are mostly instructional and informative (with a few “pitches” in some of the older ones).  The Announcements include new products (books, recordings, training), plus schedules for upcoming group training workshops and teleseminars.  You can select which you want to focus on by selecting a category on the blog (Articles or Announcements).

New Location for the Blog

The HPS Blog has been moved to a WordPress site.  The new address is:

Following vs Subscribing

If you want to get an email every time we post something new on the High Probability Selling Blog, you may either Follow the blog, or Subscribe to it (or both, if you want to get two emails).  Please note that these are two completely separate systems, with no connection between them.  Also, either can be undone.

  • Following - You will get an email from that contains a copy of each new blog post, but nothing added from us.  If you want this and nothing more, go to the blog and click the “Follow” button that should appear at the bottom right corner of your screen.  (if you don't see that button, your browser may need updating, or you may contact us for assistance)
  • Subscribing - You will get an email from us that contains a copy of every new blog post (according to your subscription preferences - see below), plus additional information that was not posted on the blog.  (If you choose All Blog Posts, then you will get everything you would get by “Following” the blog, plus more).  If you want to Subscribe to this blog, please contact Carl Ingalls, phone +1 610-627-9030   (USA Eastern Time), or email  Please provide your full name, email address, and phone number.  Also, please indicate your Subscription Preferences (below).

Unfollowing and Unsubscribing and Changing

You can unfollow or unsubscribe from the blog at any time (or change your information and choices).  Every email you receive will contain links at the bottom that will allow you to unfollow or unsubscribe or change your subscriber options.  Your changes will take effect immediately (less than an hour).

If you are getting two emails for every blog post (and only want to get one), then you might want to unsubscribe or unfollow from one of the duplicate emails (whichever one you don't want).

Subscription Preferences

  • Announcements only - about products and services being offered
  • Articles only - about selling, and especially about High Probability Selling
  • All blog posts - this is the default
  • No blog posts - but keep me on the list

If you are subscribing to the blog (not just following it), then you may choose what sort of blog posts you want to receive by email.  If you do not make a choice, then you will receive All Blog Posts (default).  This can be changed at any time by clicking on the Change Subscriber Options link at the bottom of the email we send you.

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