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    H.P.S. in the Media
    Media Coverage of High Probability Selling

    Jacques Werth, author of High Probability® Selling A New Way to Sell?,
    On Wall Street, May 2000

    SALES success – Get Real,
    5th Annual Report, Entrepreneur Magazine, June 1999

    Salesmanship Without the Sucker Punch,
    The New York Times, February 7, 1999

    Profound Relationships of Mutual Trust and Respect in Twenty Minutes,
    Relationship Marketing Report, Vol.11, Issue X, November, 1998

    Skill & Career Building Ideas For Today's Sales Professionals,
    Professional SELLING Newsletter

    Guaranteed Results!,
    Selling Power Magazine, September 1997

    Profit Without Pain,
    SUCCESS Magazine, September 1997

    Sales Without Pain,
    Amtrak EXPRESS Magazine, March/April 1994

    Trust Me,
    TWA Ambassador Magazine, March 1994




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