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Are YOU Guilty
of using these Obsolete Sales Techniques?

By Jacques Werth, President
High Probability® Selling

  • Selling the Appointment
  • Building Rapport
  • Establishing Relationships with Potential Prospects
  • Filling the Sales Funnel
  • Don't Take No? for an Answer
  • Making Prospects Feel the Pain
  • Persuading
  • Convincing
  • Overcoming Objections

The result of these sales techniques is rejection and frustration.

Guilty of Holding These Outmoded Beliefs?

  • People Who Need Your Product or Service Can Be Convinced to Buy
  • You Need to Educate Your Prospects Before They Can Be Sold
  • Presentation Skills Are Very Important
  • Good Prospects Are Created By Good Salespeople
  • Helping Prospects is Most Important
  • Sell Benefits Not Features
  • Always Ask for the Order
  • A Well Written Proposal Can Win the Sale
  • Doing the Same Things a Little Better Will Get Great Results
  • Your Industry Is Different from All Others
  • You Must Be Able to Take Rejection: In Sales, It's Inevitable

If you still believe that persuading, cajoling, and razzle-dazzle presentations are necessary components of the sales process, you're probably wondering why you don't close more sales. It's not you, it's your outmoded belief system.

If you're ready to learn a more rewarding and effective way of selling, it's time to read High Probability Selling. Start selling more -- and enjoying it more -- enroll in a workshop today.

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