About High Probability Selling and About Jacques Werth

What Is High Probability Selling?

High Probability Selling is a way of selling without pushing.  Not even a nudge. 

We avoid doing all of the things salespeople do to try to get a prospect to buy, including some subtle things they might not be aware that they do. 

We do this by finding people who want what we are selling now, for their own reasons, and without any influence from us. 

It's a discovery and selection process, and that changes everything.

Jacques Werth had this to say about what High Probability Selling is.

Why Sell Without Pushing?

Because pushing creates resistance.  Sales resistance is created by sales pressure.

The sales resistance is often equal and opposite to the sales pressure.  Balanced just enough to keep from being moved.  Strong sales pressure can lead to strong sales resistance.  Subtle or devious pressure can lead to subtle or devious resistance.  Less often, the resistance reaction can be much stronger or much weaker than the amount of pressure applied.

The salesperson can choose to deal with the resistance, which can be time consuming and/or futile, or avoid creating it in the first place.

Meanings of High Probability Selling

The phrase “High Probability Selling” may mean any or all of the following:

  • a very different way of thinking about selling
  • a detailed sales process discovered, documented, and evolved by Jacques Werth
  • a book authored by Jacques Werth and Nicholas Ruben
  • a blog of that name
  • a way of interacting with people
  • a company (now closed)
  • a website (this one)
  • a term used by Michael Q. Pink to describe aspects of his own sales method, which he developed independently and which has some similarities to High Probability Selling

A Way of Thinking About Selling

Thinking about High Probability Selling starts with what we mean by “selling” - and what its purpose is.

For most people, “selling” is about getting someone to buy.  The thinking is all about how to influence a potential customer.  The focus is on talking.

For us, “selling” is about finding someone who wants what we are selling, for their own reasons, and who is likely to buy now.  The thinking is all about finding out what a potential customer wants (and why), and discovering how likely a successful transaction will occur.  The focus is on listening.

When you change the meaning and purpose of selling, it changes everything you think and know about how to sell.

We offer a course that focuses on this way of thinking about selling.  It is called the High Probability Selling Mindset Discovery Workshop.

About the Sales Process

The High Probability Selling Process is a sequence of steps to follow in each of these three stages:

  • Prospecting - finding people who want what we are selling.
  • Disqualifying - filtering out the people who are not likely to buy from us at this time.
  • Completing the Sale - finalizing by clearing each of the details with the prospect, and then asking the prospect, “What do you want to do?”  The prospect closes the sale.

If you want to learn more about the High Probability Selling Process, the best place to begin is to read the book written by Jacques Werth and Nicholas Ruben.  Also, there are articles on this website, articles on the HPS blog, and a webpage of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

If you want to learn how to do High Probability Selling, we offer training and coaching.

Note:  The HPS sales process does not work for everyone, and it does not work in every organization.  Also, it takes hard work to learn it and to get good at doing it.  We disqualify those we believe are not likely to benefit from learning and doing High Probability Selling.  (Also see Will HPS Work for Me)

More about High Probability Selling according to Jacques Werth.

About the Company, High Probability, Inc.

The company, High Probability, Inc. was founded and owned by Jacques Werth, who closed the company when he retired at the end of 2015.  High Probability Selling was a trade name for that business.

The trade name for the new business is High Probability Consulting.

About Jacques Werth, the Man Behind High Probability Selling

photo of Jacques Werth, founder of High Probability Selling

Jacques Werth has been passionate about selling all his life.  He studied Industrial Sales in college, read extensively, and became an expert on selling early in life.

However, on his first sales job after college, Jacques discovered that the most successful salespeople were doing things that were completely contrary to everything he had learned about how to sell.

He began studying and documenting what these salespeople were doing.  Not what they said they were doing, but what he saw them doing.  He saw a pattern, and that was the beginning.

His Mission?  To revolutionize how people sell.

Jacques had a long and successful career:  as a salesman, a sales leader, a sales trainer, a company turnaround expert, business owner, author, and teacher.  He is now retired (since the end of 2015), and he still has wonderful stories to tell about selling.

About the Book, “High Probability Selling” by Jacques Werth and Nicholas Ruben

image of the front cover of the book, High Probability Selling

This book tells the story of a salesperson learning High Probability Selling on the job.  It is a good illustration of what the process looks like, and can help the reader decide whether they want to learn more, or not.

If you want to learn how to do High Probability Selling, reading the book is the best way to begin.  Keep reading it again and again.  For some people, the book is enough.  If you want more, contact us.

The book can be purchased in these formats:  paperback, audiobook (CD or MP3), and ebook (Kindle or PDF). 

There are some very positive reviews on Amazon, and some very supportive testimonials from the front of the book.

Parts of the book can be read online (the Introduction plus the first four chapters).  No charge.

About the High Probability Selling Blog

The HPS Blog contains a lot of information about High Probability Selling, and especially the blog posts that are designated as Articles (category = articles).  It is a good place to learn more about the details of the process and about the history and thinking behind it, before you decide to buy anything.

If you want to receive copies of new blog posts by email, you may subscribe to the blog.

Some links:
   read about the blog
   visit the blog (see all posts, most recent first)
   see articles only
   see announcements only

A Way of Interacting With People

With High Probability Selling, interacting with people means listening to them a lot more, and not trying to change them.  In many cases, this can lead to better results than trying to push them.

This kind of listening is focused and proactive.  We ask questions in a very special way that is similar to what others call “Deep Listening”.

Interacting with people this way can change you.  It can change how you feel about people in your life, and how you feel about yourself.

This Website:  HighProbSell.com

Most of the marketing content on this website is designed to be informative and not persuasive.  The intention is to make HPS marketing more compatible with HPS selling.  Some older content, written by Jacques Werth, may be more persuasive.

We welcome feedback from our readers (Contact Us).

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