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    How Successful People Make Decisions

    by Paul Bunn and Carl Ingalls

    A colleague here in our office recently shared the following strategy for succeeding in business:

    “If you want to be successful in business, do business with successful people.”

    How we communicate with them is a significant element of that strategy.  We’ve developed a table comparing sales communication methods that are more consistent and less consistent with the way successful people make decisions. 

    How Successful People Make Decisions

    More Consistent

    Less Consistent

    They know what they want, and they know when they are ready to get it. 

    Ask if they want what you are offering.

    Try to change their minds.

    They are intelligent and educated buyers, and will quickly grasp the obvious benefits of the features.

    Give them the key features.

    Talk about obvious benefits.

    They use their time efficiently.  

    Be brief.  

    Engage them in conversation.

    They are direct and decisive.

    Be direct and to the point.

    Be indirect and elusive.

    They see through most schemes and are experienced in how people are influenced.  

    Be open and transparent.

    Use subtle techniques such as NLP. 

    They focus more on positive opportunities than on negative issues. 

    Focus on positive paths forward.

    Focus on “their pain” or their problems.

    They weigh their options carefully, and examine both sides.  

    Explain benefits and detriments when asked. 

    Accentuate only the positives. 

    They do what works.

    Do what works, according to actual results.

    Do what should work.

    They are very selective about who they do business with. 

    Be selective in who you do business with.

    Try to sell at every opportunity.

    They do business with people they trust and respect.

    Be that person

    Get them to like you

    They want value and reliability

    Focus on reasonable value and reliability.

    Get them to believe that you offer the best of everything.

    They proceed where they see a high probability of success.  

    Estimate probability of success and act accordingly.

    Spend time and money on any “live” prospects.

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