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Inverted Sales Funnels: A New Way of Approaching Sales

October 25, 20221 min read

Here is another way of looking at the sales funnel metaphor and comparing the usual way of selling vs High Probability Selling. Rather than turning the funnel upside down, consider turning it inside out.

Instead of being inside the funnel, the prospect is on the outside. Instead of being constrained, the prospect is free to move.

inverted sales funnel

The salesperson’s role is also different. In the usual way of selling, the salesperson pushes the sale. In our way, the salesperson points the way and lets the prospect choose.


To download and view a PowerPoint Slideshow that animates this idea, see

To play an MP4 video of the same, see

Carl Ingalls

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Hear From Our Clients

R. Sims, Building Services Industry

HPS has changed my attitude about sales...completely. I cannot imagine selling any other way. Why? Because I know I deserve is really just that simple to me....thanks a million for your excellent sales systems.

Jay Kaiser, Financial Services

I used to sell to less than 25% of my prospects after 3 meetings. Now I sell to over 50% of my prospects in the first meeting. I used to be a salesman - now I'm an order taker. It’s almost boring.

Doug Wick, Positioning Systems

High Probability Selling helped me to determine which prospects were most qualified for my service and increased my closing ratio from around 33% to 66% or better. I've recommended this process to many of my clients and would strongly recommend it to anyone interested in improving their sales process, gaining confidence in their sales ability, removing fear from the prospecting process and improving their income.

Joel Barber, Insurance Professional

[High Probability Sales Training] has reduced my prospecting angst greatly. At first, even with HPS, I had a great deal of stress when dialing. Now, I have practically none.[The Conditions of Satisfaction] is a wonderfully structured method to not only have the client close themselves, but to further make certain the plan I am showing is what he/she really wants. At least 20% of my clients have discovered they want a different program. All I do is whip out the one that fits. They love it. Saying that, other agents still continue to push on what the agent wants to sell.

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