High Probability Selling (Book)

What Others Say about Sales Training from High Probability Selling

“When I first walked into the High Probability Selling course I thought it was just another training.  When I walked out I thought, 'Wow, that was really powerful.  This is something I can apply to all aspects of my life, especially managing people.'  I can honestly say that I've never been through a sales training program that had so much impact on me and the people that work for me.  I knew right away that this was something really different and valuable.  It gave people permission to be themselves...to be natural.  My salespeople are more focused on what they're doing. They're more satisfied and more effective and they're not afraid to walk away.  They enjoy their work more.  The bottom line...they're more committed to themselves.  They trust their instincts.  During one recent three hour prospecting session, five of my salespeople set up thirty three appointments with high probability prospects.  Those results speak for themselves.”
Lisa Gaeto, Sales Manager, Greater Atlantic Health Services

“There is no better way to prospect...  An amazing difference before and after I took the workshops...  Before High Probability Selling, I used to waste a tremendous amount of time meeting with and preparing proposals for prospects who never did business with me.  After High Probability Selling, I spend most of my time working with prospects who become customers.  I sold more long-term-care insurance than anyone else in my agency and I owe my present position to High Probability Selling.”
Steve Houser, CEO, Linsure, Inc.

“High Prob has given me the strength to not buy any more sales books.  High Prob gets to the marrow of what sales is really about.  It took me off my knees.  I got my self-respect back.  I gave up my salesman's act and started dealing with people like a human being.  I'm also now one of the top, long-term-care insurance producers in the country.”
Jerry Rubin, Independent Insurance Agent

“The High Probability Selling courses were extremely valuable and impacted not only the way I sell but the way I relate to people in other areas of my life as well.  The first year after I took the courses I was the top producer in my company.  This year I'm going to double last year's results.  Without question those results are a function of being a high probability salesperson.  I've learned how to effectively disqualify people, how to be direct and I don't waste time.  High Probability Selling is one of the best experiences I've ever had both personally and professionally.”
Doris Theune, Vice-President, Meridian Asset Management

“High Probability Selling has a unique and really liberating perspective toward sales. Rather than the usual approach of trying to subtly pressure or manipulate the client into making a purchase, this new approach allows one the freedom to honestly assess the client's need for the product through a series of questions.  Once this initial assessment phase is complete, the salesperson can arrive at a conclusion about whether or not to pursue the sales interaction further.  There is an honesty and straightforwardness that aligns with my own inclination to be authentic and genuine.  I feel that I establish a genuine relationship with the person I discuss my product with.  I cannot recommend this program more highly.”
Ron Preston, Owner, Kudos Unlimited

“High Probability Selling is based on the same cornerstone as my company, Uncommon Courtesies... integrity, straightforwardness and respect for oneself and others.  Selling, as I understood it, ran counter to everything my company and I stand for.  I couldn't tolerate the manufactured, convenient flattery.  Having taken the High Probability courses, I see that this is not the way selling has to be.  High Probability Selling has saved us untold energy and time, and renewed our enthusiasm.  It is an integral part of the way we do business.”
Mary Mitchell, President, Uncommon Courtesies

“High Probability Selling made an incredible difference in the way I do business. I'm much more at ease calling prospects and meeting with them.  For the first time in my life, I'm disqualifying people.  I doubled my sales the first year after I took the High Probability Selling courses and I'm well on the way to doubling again this year.  Learning High Probability Selling was like learning how to play tennis the right way after using my wrist for ten years.”
Jeff Delone, McAllister Financial Group

“I ask questions I never asked before and get the information I need - to know how to proceed.  I'm able to discover exactly what it'll take to do business.  I'm clearer about my market and what I have to offer.  Prospecting is actually fun.  I'm able to recognize High Probability Prospects and disqualify the rest.  My sales went from $250,000 to $1,000,000 the year after I did the High Probability Selling courses.  After my father took the course, our business really took off.”
Cliff Bassman, President, Promotions by Design

“This is the most dramatic development in selling that I've seen in my thirty years in the business.”
Phil D'Achille, Vice President Sales and Education, Prudential Insurance and Financial Services