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Will High Probability Selling Work for Me?
Two Questionnaires That Estimate the Odds

We offer two questionnaires that can help you make up your mind about High Probability Selling (HPS).  The questionnaires provide an estimate of the odds that this selling methodology and training will work for you.  The first questionnaire is free.  As of June 2012, the second questionnaire is no longer free.

These questionnaires work by measuring how compatible High Probability Selling is with your attitudes, habits, and beliefs, and how similar you are to the people who have been the most successful with HPS.

The first questionnaire is a comparison between your current behaviors and the behaviors of people who are very successful with HPS.  It provides a measure of how much change would be required before you will see any benefit from the training.  The second questionnaire measures your ability to make those changes. 

For the most comprehensive picture of whether HPS will work for you, we recommend that you complete both questionnaires, because a high score on one can compensate for a low score on the other. 

Questionnaire #1 is a spreadsheet that you can download from our website and run on your own computer anonymously.  As soon as you have responded to each of the 14 questions with a number from 0 to 10, the spreadsheet will give you instant feedback.  You can change your answers at any time and see how that changes the results.  Only you will see your answers or the results.  The spreadsheet will open in Excel version 2003 or later, and it does not contain any macros.  Click here to download

Questionnaire #2 is an online survey offered by Pinnacle Group USA.  As of June 2012, this survey is no longer free.  The first part of the survey is 24 questions, and the second part is 12 questions.  Most people complete both parts of the survey in 10 to 20 minutes.  Pinnacle Group will analyze your responses, and they will email your results to you.  If you want to take this survey, please contact us.  You can phone us at +1 610-566-1535 (disconnected) or 800-394-7762 (disconnected), or email us at main@HighProbSell.com

The questionnaires were developed under the guidance of Pinnacle Group USA, a leader in Behavioral Profiling.  They have profiled thousands of salespeople, top managers, and executives in myriad industries.


What’s Next

If you want to talk with us about the questionnaires, you can call us at 800-394-7762 (disconnected) or (+1) 610-566-1535 (disconnected), or you can email us at main@HighProbSell.com.

If you want information about our sales training workshops, please visit HPS Training Workshops