We Get It.

You crave a strategy that's not just about closing deals but closing the right deals, the right way with mutual trust and respect.

We understand your dilemma.

The world of sales can be challenging - chasing poorly qualified leads, wasting precious time, and compromising your values in the process. This is the problem we've dedicated ourselves to solve - to help you eliminate wasted time, focus on genuine opportunities, and achieve more without compromising your integrity. 

Our role is to equip you with the proven methodology that streamlines your sales efforts, allowing you to focus on opportunities with the highest probability of success.

The Basic Principles of High Probability Selling

  • No persuasion. No attempts to convince, influence, or impress. Not even subtle or unconscious ones.

  • More listening, less talking.

  • Neutral and factual, no agenda.

  • Respectful and cooperative.

  • Let relationships and trust build naturally.

  • Let people buy in their own time for their own reasons.

  • Always estimating the odds of a successful outcome.

  • No means Not Now, until someone says never.

  • Short and simple.

  • Ask the hard questions first.


Paul Bunn

I have been in sales, sales training and management since 1994. I learned HPS in 1996 when I found myself succeeding in financial services sales but began to hate who I was being while using traditional selling methods and could not see any possibility of continuing this way as a career. 

I have effectively used the principles and methods of HPS in selling insurance and financial services, as well as in consulting and corporate communications. I taught and coached HPS to individual and corporate clients for nearly three decades. I have developed and used a discovery-based teaching and coaching style, which has been shown to accelerate and deepen a student’s understanding of the HPS process and mindset. I also taught various consultative selling methodologies in a corporate setting and am skilled at integrating HPS with a variety of commonly practiced sales methods in use today.

Carl Ingalls

I met Jacques Werth in 2003. His office was next to mine and we got to know each other over coffee and lunch breaks. I read his book and took his sales training. I learned the most by listening to the stories of his life over the next several years. 

I had my own consulting business, providing technical expertise about industrial embossing. My main reason for selling was so I could use my special expertise to help people and manufacturers do better. I discovered how to apply the trust and respect principles of High Probability Selling when delivering consulting advice. 

Over the years, I worked with Jacques more and more closely, and I did some of the teaching with him and for him. When he retired in December 2015, he asked me to carry on with HPS in his place. I started doing that in January 2016, and working with Paul Bunn.

Sell With Integrity

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