Media Coverage of High Probability Selling and Its Authors, Jacques Werth and Nicholas Ruben
(a list of articles in magazines and other publications)

Below is a list of articles about High Probability Selling and about Jacques Werth that appeared in various publications between 1997 and 2000.

  1. A New Way to Sell?
    On Wall Street, May 2000
    An interview of Jacques Werth.
  2. SALES success Get Real
    5th Annual Report, Entrepreneur Magazine, June 1999
    An interview of Jacques Werth by Bill Kelley.
  3. Salesmanship Without the Sucker Punch
    The New York Times, Financial News, February 1999
    An interview of Jacques Werth by Leslie Kaufman.
  4. Profound Relationships of Mutual Trust and Respect in Twenty Minutes
    Relationship Marketing Report, Vol.11, Issue X, November 1998
    Relating a story where a salesperson asks personal questions of a prospective buyer.
  5. Skill & Career Building Ideas For Today's Sales Professionals
    Professional SELLING Newsletter, date unknown.
    About selling strategies.
  6. Guaranteed Results!
    Selling Power Magazine, September 1997.
    About linking fees to clients' fiscal performance.
  7. Profit Without Pain
    SUCCESS Magazine, September 1997.
    An interview of Jacques Werth.
  8. Sales Without Pain” - A Different Strategy;  Stop Selling, Start Listening.
    Amtrak EXPRESS Magazine, March/April 1994
    An interview of Nicholas Ruben by Janet Fox.
  9. Trust Me
    TWA Ambassador Magazine, March 1994.
    Written by Nicholas E. Ruben and Jacques Werth.