Training in How to Do High Probability Selling
Sales Training via Group Workshops and Individual Coaching


Individual Training and Coaching

Topics covered are customized for each client.  For more information, please call +1 610-627-9030 and ask for Carl Ingalls (or leave a message).  You may also send an email (to with your name and phone number. 
Please do not send credit card information by email.

Corporate Training and Consulting

Topics covered are customized for each company.  We begin with an assessment where we determine how likely High Probability Selling will be a good fit for the company and for the individuals to be trained.

About Sales Training Workshops and Coaching (how we do them)

Teleconference, Live.  We deliver sales training live, via telephone (USA phone number), for group workshops and also for individual coaching.  Other arrangements may be available in special cases.

Group Training.  We accept 5 to 10 individuals per workshop.  They may all work for the same company, or they may be individuals who don't know each other (there are advantages and disadvantages either way).

Series of Sessions.  Most of the group workshops are offered as a series of sessions, where each session lasts 1 to 2 hours.  Sessions are spaced about a week apart, to give time for exercises. 

Interactive.  We encourage questions and discussion.  There is also role-playing between the participants.

Exercises.  We assign homework for the participants to do between sessions.  They put into practice what they learn in each session, and individual results are reviewed in the next session.

Materials.  Each participant receives a workbook that supports the verbal instruction (a Word document sent by email, PDF available on request).

Recordings.  Sessions are recorded and sent to the workshop and coaching participants (as links for MP3 downloads).  In rare cases, recordings are also offered for sale to people who did not participate in the workshop (an example is the Chapter 12 Explained workshop).  In these cases, any personal or confidential information regarding any of the participants is either removed from the recording, or we get permission to leave it in.

Confidential.  Most of our group workshops require a confidentiality statement from each participant (confirming that they will keep each other's information confidential).  This is not usually required for private coaching, and it is not required for the Chapter 12 Explained workshop.  However, a promise of confidentiality is required for our Getting Personal workshops, and also for most of our more advanced group workshops.

Instructors and Coaches.  Paul Bunn, Neil Myers, Carl Ingalls, and Jacques Werth (by special arrangement).  We all have experience training and coaching High Probability Selling and working closely with Jacques Werth.

Future Workshop Offerings

For Intermediate Students:

For Advanced Students:

These topics are currently available only as individual coaching or corporate training, not as group workshops.

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