Prospecting with High Probability
Ongoing Sales Training Workshop

A continuous series of interactive video sessions, 2 to 3 hours each, $145 USD per single session.

A combination of virtual class instruction and individual coaching.

Sequence — Start with any session.  Skip any sessions.  Pay for the ones you attend, and not for the ones you don’t.  We continuously cycle through all of the topics.

High Probability Prospecting — How we find and identify people who want what we are selling, and who are ready and likely to buy.  This is a detailed process of how to contact people (reaching out), and how to respond to people who contact us.

Updated — The High Probability Prospecting process has evolved a little from the original version (as described in the book, High Probability Selling), to reflect changes in the way people communicate with each other today.  There are a few changes in the details of what we do (the Process), but the fundamental principles are the same.

Topics — Creating and delivering High Probability Prospecting Offers.  Telephone (live), voicemail, text, email, social media.  Tracking efforts and results.  How to handle responses (yes, no, other).  Appointment setting.  Conditional Commitment.  Inbound Prospecting (when someone reaches out to us).

Prospecting Workshop — Details

If You Are Certain That You Want to Take This Course

To sign up and pay for the Prospecting Workshop, do one of the following:

  1. Pay $145 USD for one session
  2. Pay $250 USD for two sessions
  3. Pay $355 USD for three sessions
  4. Pay $460 USD for four sessions

Note — Course schedules will also be announced on the HPS Blog and on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). 

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