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A simple alternative to the usual way of selling

About High Probability Selling

The Story Behind High Probability Selling

Over 40 years ago, Jacques Werth identified the top 312 sales performers in 23 different industries.  He monitored their prospecting activities and went out on sales calls with them.  He watched them effortlessly close deals over and over again.

He observed everything they said and everything they did.  He noted and measured the results of all their sales activities.  In essence, he discovered what makes them the very best at what they do.  These are not anecdotal stories.  These are facts backed up with in-the-field results.  This process has been refined continually by the feedback of these top-performing sales people.  To say the least, this selling process and its concepts are revolutionary.

image of the front cover of the book, High Probability Selling

About the Book, “High Probability Selling

This book tells the story of a salesperson learning High Probability Selling on the job.  It is a good illustration of what the process looks like, plus some of the reasoning behind it, and it can help the reader decide whether they want to learn more, or not.

If you want a free digital copy of the Book (PDF), ask us (be sure to include your email address so we can send it to you).

If you want to purchase this book in any form, you can get it from us or from Amazon.

If you want more information about the book before getting it, you can read reviews on Amazon or you can read the first 4 chapters online.

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About Us

We are Paul Bunn and Carl Ingalls, with over 50 combined years of experience in using and teaching HPS.  Our company is High Probability International LLC.

You can reach us via our contact us webpage

Photo of Jacques Werth

About Jacques Werth, the Man Behind High Probability Selling

Jacques Werth has been passionate about selling all his life.  He studied Industrial Sales in college, read extensively, and became an expert on selling early in life.

However, on his first sales job after college, Jacques discovered that the most successful salespeople were doing things that were completely contrary to everything he had learned about how to sell.

He began studying and documenting what these salespeople were doing.  Not what they said they were doing, but what he saw them doing.  He saw a pattern, and that was the beginning.

His Mission?  To revolutionize how people sell.

Jacques had a long and successful career:  as a salesman, a sales leader, a sales trainer, a company turnaround expert, business owner, author, and teacher.

Jacques retired at the end of 2015, and asked us to continue his Mission.  After a long decline, he died on 15 March 2024 at the age of 88.