High Probability Selling — HPS

A simple alternative to the usual way of selling

About High Probability Selling

About This Way of Selling

High Probability Selling (HPS) is a simple and effective alternative to the usual way of selling. 

No convincing, no pushing, and no overcoming objections.

It's a discovery and selection process, and that changes everything.

If you want to learn more about this way of selling, you can: 

image of the front cover of the book, High Probability Selling

About the Book, “High Probability Selling

This book tells the story of a salesperson learning High Probability Selling on the job.  It is a good illustration of what the process looks like, plus some of the reasoning behind it, and it can help the reader decide whether they want to learn more, or not.

If you want a free digital copy of the Book (PDF), ask us (be sure to include your email address so we can send it to you).

If you want to purchase this book in any form, you can get it from us or from Amazon.

If you want more information about the book before getting it, you can read reviews on Amazon or you can read the first 4 chapters online.

Photo of Paul Bunn and Carl Ingalls at Willows Garden Cafe in Media PA

About Us

We are Paul Bunn and Carl Ingalls, with over 50 combined years of experience in using and teaching HPS.  Our company is High Probability International LLC.

You can reach us via our contact us webpage