High Probability Selling — HPS

A simple alternative to the usual way of selling

More About High Probability Selling

What is it?

3 business people. Customer on left, salesperson on right, observer in back.

High Probability Selling is a sales strategy that was discovered by observation — watching and documenting over 300 top producers in at least 2 dozen industries for 40 years. 

These observations revealed what these highly successful salespeople actually did and said, and not what they said they did and said.

We learned that the majority of these top producers were not following the universally accepted rules of selling.

What they were doing was completely different, and that is what became High Probability Selling.

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Problems We Solve

  • avoid objections and sales resistance
  • eliminate call reluctance
  • overcome fear of rejection
  • (more benefits of HPS)

How We Do It

  • We only meet with prospects who are likely to buy now, for their own reasons.
  • No pushing, no persuading, no cajoling.
  • Authentic and Real.  No pretending.  No posturing.  No trying to impress.
  • (more features of HPS)

Will it work in my business?

High Probability Selling has been successfully implemented in a wide range of industries.  Here are a few: 

  • Real Estate
  • Insurance, Financial Services
  • Consultants, Coaches, Advisors
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Software, SaaS
  • (ask us about your industry)

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