Fifty-Six Articles About High Probability Selling
mostly by Jacques Werth between 2000 and 2007

One of the articles below was written by Marilee Adams, and another was written by Dr Wayne Diamond.  The rest were written by Jacques Werth

More recent articles appear in the High Probability Selling Blog.  Many of those were written by Carl Ingalls.

  1. Features vs. Benefits
  2. Training the ‘D Team’
  3. Top 6 Pitfalls of Leaving Voice Mail Messages   *updated
  4. Building Rapport: Don’t
  5. The One-Call Close
  6. Getting Real About Sales Training
  7. Top 10 Reasons Sales Managers Fail
  8. Top 10 Reasons Salespeople Fail
  9. A Clearly Defined Sales Process Yields Big Results
  10. Being “Right” vs. Being Rich
  11. Poison Words:  The Top 6 Words that Sabotage Sales
  12. Question Reluctance Sabotages Sales   by Marilee Adams
  13. Top Producers — How They Get There
  14. A Different Spin on Consultative Selling
  15. Monkeys, Bananas, and Sales Management
  16. The Top One Percent Sell with Precision
  17. Closing Sales — Timing is Crucial
  18. Overcoming Self-Doubt in Selling   by Dr. Wayne Diamond
  19. Are You Worth Another $100,000?
  20. Are Top Salespeople Born or Made?
  21. The Power of Two — Marketing and Sales
  22. Top Salespeople Win at the Numbers Game
  23. Selling Beyond Fear: Real Courage is Doing What You Are Afraid To Do
  24. Honesty Works Best — But, It's Not About Morality
  25. In Sales, Your Attitude is Important
  26. The Sales Trainee
  27. Most Salespeople Are Professional Wimps
  28. Questions: Open-ended or Close-ended?
  29. Are You One in a Million?
  30. Are You a Victim of the Financial Services Industry?
  31. What's Trust Got To Do With It?
  32. How to Persuade Prospects to Buy — Elsewhere!
  33. Execs’ Top Priorities This Year: Acquiring & Retaining Customers
  34. Can You Afford to Improve Your Sales Skills?
  35. High-Tech Selling: Is It Really That Difficult?
  36. Finding the Sales Job You Want
  37. Are You Guilty of Using Obsolete Sales Techniques?
  38. Get Real with Yourself
  39. The High Price of Comfort: Dramatic Results Require Dramatic Changes
  40. The Ultimate Competitive Advantage: Trust and Respect
  41. Sales Force Follies: The TRIBAL WISDOM of MANY SALES FORCES
  42. Selling and Managing National, Global, and Major Accounts: It's Probably Easier Than You Think!
  43. Are You Stuck or Can You Get It?
  44. Cross Cultural Selling
  45. Buying Decisions: Are They Logical or Emotional?
  46. Close Effortlessly Without Pressure or Anxiety
  47. Does Cold-Calling Work?
  48. Top 10 Prospecting Tips
  49. The Power of Good Timing
  50. Telephone Prospecting — Is It a Waste of Time?
  51. The Importance of Prospecting Lists
  52. Prospect without Cold-Calling? Well, Almost...   *updated
  53. Why Traditional Cold Calling Doesn't Work
  54. High Probability Prospecting — Some Basics: Easy, Effective, Efficient, and Enjoyable!   *updated
  55. Eliminate the Fear of Cold Calling and Rejection
  56. ‘Interested’ Prospects and Random Negative Reinforcement

Updates to Articles

Some things have changed in the world, and High Probability Selling has continued to evolve and adapt since the above articles were written.  In some cases, an update appears at the end of an article.  Look for the articles marked *updated.

The most significant change today is that people use the phone differently than they did when Jacques Werth and others did the research and worked out the details for High Probability Prospecting.