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The High Probability Selling Blog is hosted by WordPress at HighProbabilitySelling.blog.  The posts are either Articles about selling, or Announcements about what we offer. 

Articles are mostly instructional and informative.  They are about selling, and about High Probability Selling in particular.  (see recent examples of articles)

Announcements are generally about what we sell.  They include new products (books, recordings, workshops), and schedules.  (see recent examples of announcements)

Subscribing to the Blog or Following the Blog

If you want to have blog posts sent to you by email, you may choose what kind of content you will receive.

  • Everything - All blog posts (articles and announcements), plus occasional extra information that does not appear on the blog and is not available to the general public.  We use AWeber.com to broadcast these emails, and we manage the subscriber list.  Please enter your contact information below, and then click on the Send button.
  • Articles + Extra - This option is the same as the Everything option above, but without Announcements.  Make sure you enter your contact information and click Send.
  • Announcements + Extra - This option is the same as the Everything option above, but without Articles.  Make sure you enter your contact information and click Send.
  • No Broadcast Emails - No emails sent automatically.  Use this option if you want us to have your contact information, (entered below) and you only want to receive one-on-one emails from us. 
  • Nothing - You'll handle everything yourself.  In this case, all of the contact information above is optional.

If you want to remain anonymous to us, you can sign up directly with WordPress.  To do that, ignore everything above.  Go to the HPS blog and click the “Follow” button at the bottom right corner of your screen.  They will ask for your email address.  WordPress will send you an email copy of every blog post, including all articles and announcements, but nothing else from us.

Unfollowing and Unsubscribing and Changing

You can unfollow or unsubscribe from the blog at any time (or change your information and choices).  Every email you receive will contain links at the bottom that will allow you to unfollow or unsubscribe or change your subscriber options.  Your changes will take effect immediately (less than an hour).

If you are getting two emails for every blog post (and you only want to get one), then you might want to unsubscribe or unfollow from one of the duplicate emails (whichever one you don't want).

Help and Feedback

For assistance, questions, or comments, please contact us.

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