Resources Offered (no charge)

Some of these resources have been offered for free in articles written by Jacques Werth several years ago, and published on this website, the blog, and in other places.  People are still welcome to write or call with their requests, but this webpage offers the option of downloading these documents directly.

Prospecting Activity Record - Download

This form is offered in the blog post 9 Tips for Prospecting Success, written by Jacques Werth in 2007. 

It was designed for people who are using the High Probability Prospecting process, and may not be useful or even meaningful to those who are not familiar with that.

Prospecting Offer Design Template - Download

This template is offered in the article Top 10 Reasons Sales Managers Fail and What To Do About It, written by Jacques Werth in 2006. 

For more recent information about designing a prospecting offer, see Guidelines for Creating a High Probability Prospecting Offer

HPS Compatibility Estimator - Download

This spreadsheet is offered in the blog post Will High Probability Selling Work for Me, or Not?, written by Carl Ingalls in 2011. 

The spreadsheet calculates a score that is an estimate of how likely High Probability Selling will work for a specific individual, based on that person's responses to a number of questions.  It is only a first estimate.  A much better estimate can be determined from a real conversation.

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